April 08, 2014


Black Crane has recently become one of my favourite clothing brands. Although i only own one piece so far, i'm already eyeing off so many others. I'm particularly drawn to the simplicity, and high quality of each garment, that leaves me feeling so elegant.
I'm currently revamping my wardrobe, going for more simplistic yet elegant pieces that will last the time, and i can honestly see myself still wearing Black Crane in forty years time.

April 06, 2014


Instantly after naming this mix, i couldn't help but laugh, Game of Thrones anyone? Sorry for the disappointment but i'm not actually here to talk about the show, or the books for that matter. But instead here to share a winter inspired mixtape with you.
I'm a born and raised Australian, so we are currently heading into winter. I don't think i will ever get sick of those crisp nights spend inside with family, eating as much as you possibly can, drinking hot tea and coffee, whilst chill tunes play in the background. If you haven't guessed already, i love winter, and in celebration of this wonderful season here's a mixtape!

01. Homemade Mountains | Christina Vantzou
02. Elegia | New Order
03. Until Then | Orcas
04. I Drive | Cliff Martinez
05. Twins | Gem Club
06. Coffee | Sylvan Esso
07. Babe | Evenings
08. Keep | Nils Frahm
09. The Woods | Small Sur
10. We Move Lightly | Dustin O'Halloran

♫ Listen here.

April 05, 2014


Hello lovely people-welcome to littlered.
After being quite a religious blog reader for awhile now, i have finally decided to delve into the world of blogging. I have no clear view for what direction this place will go. All i know is i was in desperate need of a little place of my own, so here we are.

+photo by me